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More on estimation

Yesterday my mind (and heart) were on the gulf shore. In retrospect I realized that I could have shared more literature suggestions and teaching ideas about estimation, so we will revisit the topic today. Stuart J. Murphy offers a nice … Continue reading

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A Million Fish…More or Less

With my own family roots deep in the South Louisiana marshland, today I am compelled to mark the one-year anniversary of the Deep Water Horizon disaster and subsequent oil spill that continues to impact the Gulf of Mexico. Rather than … Continue reading

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Author Spotlight: Greg Tang Today I want to introduce you to an incredible author, Greg Tang who was inspired to begin writing for children after tutoring math in his first grade daughter’s class. His first book, The Grapes of Math, is a clever … Continue reading

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Pattern Books

Long before they enter school, parents can do a lot to help young children develop the ability to think mathematically. One type of book that can help is “pattern books.” Children will enjoy the hearing the repetition as adults read … Continue reading

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One is a snail, Ten is a Crab

Author April Pulley Sayre has written a book that takes the classic “counting by feet” problem to a whole new level. Beautiful illustrations of beach scenes depict various sea creatures. In the beginning the reader is simply counting by the … Continue reading

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