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More than Pizza and Brownies

Okay…I can admit it…I have food issues….a lot of people do these days. It seems that the ‘go to’ analogy for teaching fraction concepts is always food related. As I was going through my book collection and preparing my blog … Continue reading

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More about fractions

Continuing our exploration of fractions let’s look at Fraction Action by Loreen Leedy, a beginner chapter book of five stories that are useful for reinforcing concepts such as dividing geometric shapes into fractions, dividing sets of objects into equal parts, … Continue reading

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Introducing Fraction Concepts

This week we will explore books that can be used to teach fraction concepts. First up Fraction Fun by David A. Adler teaches the basic concept that a fraction is a part of something. In Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Math

For some, Memorial Day is simply a 3-Day weekend that marks the unofficial kick-off for summer. Actually, the first Memorial Day observance was in 1868 when flowers were placed on the graves of soldiers in Arlington National Cemetry. You can … Continue reading

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A Million Fish…More or Less

With my own family roots deep in the South Louisiana marshland, today I am compelled to mark the one-year anniversary of the Deep Water Horizon disaster and subsequent oil spill that continues to impact the Gulf of Mexico. Rather than … Continue reading

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