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Dusting the Book Shelves

Thank you for stopping by! Moving my blog from one host to another wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated. Other tasks took priority and I abandoned this project for a while. I am back now and hope to be … Continue reading

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New Home for Beth’s Bookshelf

Welcome! If you are reading this you have successfully navigated your way to the new Beth’s Bookshelf home. I am so glad you are here. Take a look around and get familiar with the new digs. Soon you will be … Continue reading

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One of the 11 Best Illustrated Books of 2011, Stuck by Oliver Jeffers would not be at the top of my list of books that can be used to teach traditional math concepts. However, I think it is a fantastic … Continue reading

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Eat Your Math Homework

My favorite new book for the math classroom is Eat Your Math Homework Recipes for Hungry Minds by Ann McCallum. Students won’t report to class claiming their dog ate their homework with activities such as the ones McCallum has cooked … Continue reading

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Teddy Bear Math

While I was away for the summer break a new book found it’s way to my desk Teddy Bear Math by Barbara Barbiere McGrath. This book can engage children in a delightful exploration of counting, estimation, sorting, addition and graphing. … Continue reading

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Ten Flashing Fireflies

“What do we see in the summer night?Ten flashing fireflies burning bright!Catch the one twinkling thereLike a star.One flashing firefly in our jar.” One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting on my grandmother’s porch at dusk waiting for the … Continue reading

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Welcome ISI Participants

Today I enjoyed a delightful morning with the Illuminations Summer Institute participants talking about my favorite topics: children, mathematics and literature. Welcome to those of you who have found your way to my blog following the workshop. During the session … Continue reading

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Favorite books? Advice?

Happy Saturday everyone! Welcome to all the new folks who have recently found their way to my bookshelf. Thank you for the e-mails that let me know you are enjoying your browsing. I welcome your comments, you can leave them … Continue reading

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Who sank the boat? Grumphy’s Outing by John Burningham and Pamela Allen’s Who Sank the Boat? provide the perfect excuse to splash around in a cool tub of water on a hot July afternoon. In both stories the characters pile into the boats … Continue reading

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Patriotic Math

Like everyone else I am taking a long-weekend to celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence. In the meantime, here is a source for patriotic math activities.

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