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A dime doesn’t buy as much as it use to

I’ve had money on my mind lately…not because of the economy, but because I’ve found myself in various conversations about children and money. Specifically, the topic has been concern that children are exhibiting increasing difficulty counting and exchanging coins. I … Continue reading

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And the winner is……

…Jen! Congratulations!!!! Using the random number generator on Jen was selected as the winner of the book Learning Algebra with Pizza by Dawn McMillan. Jen was one of the people that left a comment on the June 2, 2011 … Continue reading

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Growing Patterns

In April I shared several books and ideas for learning more about the Fibonnaci sequence. Here is one more title to add to that collection, Growing Patterns by Sarah Campbell. Using stunning photographs, Campbell explores the appearance of the Fibonacci … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway

Don’t miss your chance to win a free book by commenting on my June 2, 2011 blog post. The contest rules are re-capped below: Let’s talkI want to begin a dialogue with my readers so that I can learn from … Continue reading

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More than Pizza and Brownies

Okay…I can admit it…I have food issues….a lot of people do these days. It seems that the ‘go to’ analogy for teaching fraction concepts is always food related. As I was going through my book collection and preparing my blog … Continue reading

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More about fractions

Continuing our exploration of fractions let’s look at Fraction Action by Loreen Leedy, a beginner chapter book of five stories that are useful for reinforcing concepts such as dividing geometric shapes into fractions, dividing sets of objects into equal parts, … Continue reading

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