Math Wizardry for Kids Although the school year has just ended and summer only officially kicked off last week, I’ve already heard from parents who are searching for ideas to help their children fill their vacation time with productive activities. First, planning a weekly trip to your local library is always a great idea. While at the library look for a copy of Barron’s Math Wizardry for Kids, it is full of projects you can turn to respond to the child who is already lamenting, “Mom, I’m bored. I don’t have anything to do!”

In Math Wizardry for Kids, authors Margaret Kenda and Phyllis S. Williams have have created a rich resource packed with dozens of creative projects that will not only keep children busy, but also encourage them to discover many of the mysteries and wonders of mathematics. The list of materials and clear directions are for each activity, accompanied by simple illustrations, empower children to work independently. I predict that many parents will enjoy completing projects right alongside their children.

Teaching Tip
Teachers will find Math Wizardry for Kids a handy resource for creative projects that students can do in and outside of class to reinforce math concepts and discover mathematical understanding for themselves. For example, Chapter 9 includes a project titled, “Build a Sun Clock.” Students can use their sun clock to tell time as well as learn about measurement and angles.

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