Royal reading and problem posing

Now that all of the hub-bub over the royal wedding between Prince William and now Princess Katherine of Wales is over, do you or your students want just a bit more pomp and ceremony? Perhaps imagining the joyous journey Margaret Mahy shows us in 17 Kings and 42 Elephants or pondering the clever conundrum the bright princess poses in One riddle, one answer by Lauren Thompson will satiate a longing for palaces and pageantry. This list would not be complete without including The King’s Commissioner’s by Marilyn Burns, and I would be remiss if I did not mention the many math adventures by Cindy Neuschwander–but a mention is all that you get today, because I am saving Cindy for a future author spotlight. Stay tuned!

Teaching Tips
17 Kings and 42 Elephants can be used as a bridge into a lesson on place value and/or double-digit addition. A related lesson plan was created by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman. Children will also enjoy place value games.

Counting strategies come to the rescue in The King’s Commissioners. Check out this lesson plan from Betty Psychogios.

Rusty Bresser wrote a great lesson plan to accompany One riddle, one answer. He uses the book as a catalyst for student to first solve Princess Aziza’s riddle then begin to create their own riddles.

Even though this blog is about math, I thought those of you who are homeschoolers might be interested to know that MacMillan provides this review sheet for One riddle, one answer as well as other online resources.

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