Flatland…not so flat

As always, the NCTM Annual Conference was a grand opportunity to renew your passion for teaching mathematics, reconnect with fellow educators, and reinvigorate by learning new ideas and strategies. Opening session Keynote speaker, Jeffrey Travis–director of the IMAX-3D movie “Flatland”– wowed the audience with video-clips from the movie based on the classic by Edwin Abbott, first published in 1884.

During the talk Travis reminded us that,” Stories make math matter.” A claim that those of us who regularly use storybooks in our classrooms heartily support. He elaborated, “math and creativity go hand-in-hand to make great things happen.”

I share the quote in hopes of encouraging you to continue to meld mathematics, literacy and the arts as often as possible. You hold the key to unlocking a world for your students that is not ‘flat’, but multi-dimensional, rich and exciting.

Teaching Tip
Rather than give you one brief teaching tip, today I offer you links to several teaching resources. If you have additional ideas and links. please share them by adding your comments to this post.

Printable lesson plan as well as links to three additional teaching guides reviewed by teachers.

Printable reading guide from Pearson Education


Abbott’s book has been reprinted numerous times over the years. The links here include illustrated editions as well as a recent annotated version. I’ve also included a link to the DVD. Students will enjoy seeing the polygon characters come to life on the screen.


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